Putting a Stopper in the Numbers of Death & The Occult

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Putting a Stopper in the Numbers of Death & The Occult

The powerful pyramids and game rulers have succeeded in occulting things from all of us in allegory and symbolism. A parlour game in which most are asleep too.
Holographic demiurge in mathematic constructs exist behind our seen universe and when unrecognised they become deadly to those who cannot interpret them.
Numbers buried within an ancient system of wisdom which humanity has lost, is now being rediscovered in gematria, numerology, gravity, time, space, and the physical features of our universe with the numbers hidden in patterns.
This book is about the occult which means
“That which is hidden”.
We cut through the blizzard of numeracy by laying them out and exposing what is hidden in plain sight, yet it is there for you to see. We are in the midst of a war, and the array of the attack is of intelligence both artificial and spiritual. Numbers are the fingerprints of the universe and when revealed the mind never returns to its original state.
This book looks at some of these number codes to open your mind and have it suffer; a Great Re-Set.
7h12  800k  12  480U7  S331N  wH47  y0u  K4nn07  5eE

Dimensions (LxWxH): 210mm x 148mm x 11mm
Pages: 214

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